How did you learn game programming?

I will keep it short,

I am really curious on how many of you have learned game programming and discovered MicroStudio. Give me some details as well please!


Coming from the Computer Stone Age I programmed my first 'games' on a Commodore PET 2001 in BASIC. No internet, tape recorder as storage and hour long copying of source code listings from Computer magazines :)

Yes, I did more 'serious' programs, but making games was more motivational to learn a programming language. Slow though, I quickly changed over to Assembler.

I hardly make full games, for me it's the 'puzzle' challenge to figure out how to do certain things. Like other people do crossword puzzles, I tinker with snippets and mini programs. And for that purpose is microStudio the perfect tool for me :)

Live Long and Tinker

P.S. you can see and try it here :)


Famous 'one liner', enter:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

and then:


I learned from books at first. I remember those published by Thomson Course Technology especially fondly (like "Programming Role-Playing games with DirectX" by Jim Adams).

A second learning resource that stuck in my mind was a "how to make a roguelike" tutorial in a form of very meticulously commented C++ source code. Can't find it anymore, though.

I also read everything I could on Allegro.cc

And last but not least, reading source code available with Unreal Development Kit.

Now that I look at it, it's a super-random list. I don't think I would advise anyone to follow in my footsteps XD

I started around fourth grade when the computer/science teacher introduced me to Code.org. I did not find any interest in this and I sorta messed around with it.

In fifth or sixth grade I got a whole lot interested and started making a lot of games in the sprite lab (AKA a bad Scratch), I made crappy Fnaf games and legend of zelda clones.

In Seventh grade I was introduced to construct3 or something, that did not last long because I got swiftly blocked for trying to make a 2d minecraft

I sat down and learned the Game Lab side of things in the middle of the school year. I made quite a few games. I also made a Pokemon game.

In Eighth grade I made a better version of that pokemon game, but I was looking for something new. I constantly searched on the internet for free without downloading game engines but found none. Till I found this place, MicroStudio, it was perfect. I made a few games that got scrapped.

On me 15th birthday I got a P.C. and made a roblox game from the experience I got from MicroStudio.

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