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I might host a micro-studio game jam if enough people are interested, If you are interested reply to this post and I will figure out the details. If you would like it to be a game jam that includes other stuff then micro-studio just say so. Im thinking one week for the time and the theme old computer or something like that, I'm still taking ideas so anyone who has ideas/would like to help organize this jam just reply.

Btw, who should be a judge.

why not? I'd try, I've never participated before

Why not host the game jam? Well if there aren't enough people (One or Two) it isn't as fun because it's less of a competition and for the amount of time it takes to setup and plan it might not be worth it if only one person submits their game.


First: maybe you should post this question on Discord, because most people here just looking for some answer about their questions.

Second: create some game jam plan and post it; for example: 1) goals - hmm... why not? Game jam for better attention to Microstrudio and game developers - it's not bad. 2) rules or limits, include platform specific - for example, if 'main' target is Android, how many touches can be used and how this game must work on PC; and for example, you can look at other game jams and set some rules and stuff, that they don't have 3) time - some people can develop games for other game jams at same time 4) genres 5) levels of developers - this moment can be used for divide games on groups 6) can or not people work in groups 7) about WIP - because not finished games can have large potential ( old example - Castelvania: Spectral Interlude - one of the best game of Castelvania series, not just in graphic, but in music and programming too ) 8) prizes - good reason for creating a good game

Third: you can post info about game jam on other forums or sites, maybe like Itch.io or else, for getting to know about that to more people.

I don't have Discord and can't get it, if you could send the message for me that would be awesome. Just make sure to link this post so I can know how many people want to do this. I would like the jam to be just in micro-studio. I am working on a plan. But would you be interested?

Of course I can, but microstudio bot already did that. And it updating link, i don't know,..every day or after every changes. But if you did a plan, I can post it, because bot posting short messages with link. I understand about jam in microStudio, but this is a development environment. Can I post about this jam on OpenGameArt.org and on their Discord server with link to here? What about my interest? If said truth, I don't coding in microStudio now, and main reason is that I'm... exploring some stuff for graphics, so... now I can try to work in some team.

Yeah, Ill figure some things out and contact you soon. Thanks

I'm interested, But I do have questions. is there a limit to how many lines of code you can have? and what is the main design we would be following?

There is NOT a line limit, im still working on the details. So what do you think the theme should be? I'm thinking something like an old computer.

Search for 'Jam' on the forum here, the previous ones might give you an idea. We mostly hosted them through itch.io, that worked pretty well. And more exposure for microStudio as a side effect 😁

Ok, I will think about the itch.io thing.

I think it might be hosted in maybe one week. I still have to figure out how to use itch or if I can use it, so idk when it will be ready. I need one more admin/organizer, Whoever signs up for the admin job can choose between still being able to participate and NOT voting or being able to vote but NOT participate. So who's up for the job?

Im thinking on a theme. but a one-week jam. it will be ranked on art, game, playability, and how readable the code is. ( i might put more things in but that's what im thinking for now

also ranked on how well it fits the theme

Here the promo I used for one of the earlier ones.
Feel free to (ab)use 😆


Eveyone Here is the details


Sure, I'll participate, or judge if you need judges.

Ok, Whatever I think ok on judges, but if you would like to help setup the jam and/or submit a game.

When does it start and end? Where should I submit the work?

Details and sign up https://sites.google.com/k12albemarle.org/microgamejam/home

Sign Up list, veiw only https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q_kOb6GN6wW3DUS8Ml9aknvH_k13JWotQRuC6By5oZU/edit?usp=sharing

I see the the view link exposes every users email.
The microStudio Username should be enough.

Ok, I'm in. I don't think that I can make it in time, but I'll try.

The k12 link leads me to.. 'micro studio remake'? and wants me to log in my alphabet company account - so thats a no for now. also nope not getting my email eithrt =^^=

Im fixing it Sorrey everyone i put the wrong link for the form, I will fix the link and put your names on the correct one

The new link is updated on the website or just click here, https://forms.gle/HdBwgz5SXpfEso3s8 everyone who used the old link does NOT need to sign up https://forms.gle/HdBwgz5SXpfEso3s8ghttps://forms.gle/HdBwgz5SXpfEso3s8in

links are not working

first link: Permission is required

second link: Invalid Dynamic Link

Ty, i will look into it

I am interested. Even though I may not be able to submit with time limit (which is what makes it fun), I am interested. Can I still join?

Yes, go here and go to the links page and sign up, https://sites.google.com/k12albemarle.org/microgamejam/home

thank you!

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