Difficulties with drawing (on the screen is not what you expected to see)

Take a look at this example to understand what will be discussed later.


  1. It is a bit annoying to deform the pixels when the sprite is placed on the scene. Move the sprite with the keys and you will see that it is drawn differently, depending on where it is located.

  2. Rectangles drawn with a loop also behave in an incomprehensible way. I expected that this strip of squares of 8x8 pixels would be drawn continuously (so that it would not be visible that it consists of segments). But on the screen you can see that it consists of segments (tiles, if you like), and even from those that were not planned to be seen. After all, rectangles with a width and height of 8 pixels were drawn. And on the screen there are rectangles of both 8x8 and 8x16 pixels (but even in their exact sizes I am not sure). Between them, the plates were divided by dark red stripes on the top and on the right. And where the plates are joined, the pixel again has a red color, but for some reason it is already outside the plates, from the opposite side a dark red pixel has already emerged. I could not see any pattern in this display of pixels on the screen. Still, if you remove two lines of code: screen.clear() screen.fillRect(x, y, 356, 200, " rgb(0,0,0)") then the rectangles are drawn almost as I expected (hardly a solution to the problem). Nothing has changed with the sprite. I don't quite understand how the pixels on the screen behave in microstudio, explain who knows. How do I fix these drawing problems? is there a solution to fix at least the display of rectangles drawn with a loop?