Can you import maps form external sources?

I just bought Tilesetter and want to use it for creating my maps. But i don't know if i can import files to the maps section

I'm new to game development, which is part of the reason i'm using this engine. So any and all help is much appreciated

thank you for reading

There are no import options (yet) for other map formats. The only way for Tilesetter would be to export it as image or JSON. Those you could load into microStudio through the asset folder, but you would have to write your own functions to deal with them.

But I imagine that is something that will show up in the future, just waiting for one of the experts here to publish a suitable library :)

Live Long and Tinker

P.S. Or you convince the folks on the Tilesetter Discord to create a custom format export option for microStudio :^P

I mean either way XD

this is probably the best beginner engine i've found, i just crawled my way out of Defold(Which is an awesome engine btw) which was pretty annoying to navigate and use at times. the only 2 reasons i stopped using Defold were 1, every single sprite you wanted to use had to be an atlas. Even if it was just one single sprite, you would have to make an atlas for just that sprite. reason number 2. there were hardly any tutorials, and the manual didn't really help all that much either. Again, i'm not knocking Defold, i may even go back to Defold one day. I'm just too new to scripting and programming to have to deal with the lack of tutorials

thank you for replying

i think this engine has some real potential, i mean it's kind of still new-ish in game engine standards but it's certainly heading in the right direction. also with the way i'm making my tile sets with(PyxelEdit) i can probably fit most of the stuff if not all of it on one layer. can you script tiles in this engine?

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