Any tips for a newcomer?

I just started doing microstudio several days ago (four, to be exact) and I was wondering if there are any tips like obscure programming tricks I could use, or specific plugins that are helpful. I was also wondering, as I only found this after going through many engines, how many people use this? this seems like a relatively small community, so my guess is around 5000 or so.

My tip would be to start small, and try to finish the project. And only then pick something bigger. Also microStudio give a lot of freedom in terms of style so you have to create your own limitations not to be lost in your own spaghetti code. ;) I'd suggest going object oriented as soon as possible.

At the beginning of 2023 there were 22k registered users and 72K projects. Only Gilles would know what the current state is :)

Regarding tips&tricks, there are so many that accumulated over time, best would be to search for specific cases here on the forum, or even better on the Discord channel. The Discord is a bit more active and responsive than the Forum here.

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@TinkerSmith I have different numbers >< ... not sure where the discrepancy comes from, maybe I lied in the past? :-P . Here is what I swear is true today:

1 year ago Today
Registered Users 14505 24639
Projects 47687 81687
Weekly active users 463 885

got it! thanks a lot for the feedback, It should prove really helpful as I learn more and get better! in terms of finishing a project, I actually just finished my first one! (a cookie clicker remake)

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