Admins for Online???

Hi all, I am new; and I am making a clone of microVerse. If you don't know what that is, look it up in explore. Anyway, I'm trying to make it so some people will have admin powers (faster walking, chat purging, special skins, etc.) but I can't figure it out. My plan is to make it so special usernames and passwords will allow you to be an admin, but I don't want the password to show up in the code. It would also just be nice to know if this has been done before and where. Any solutions? Thanks. Please Reply.

On the server side you need to have some database with data.

In it, you set the username and permissions (what group it belongs to - admin group, regular user group).

You should be able to import and export such a settings file ( eg for security or for server maintenance ) .

When a user logs in, the server checks the permissions in the database and the user gets, for example, a UI corresponding to the permissions.

When the user performs an action, the server checks whether he can perform it (checking can be limited to special commands so as not to overload the server).

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