Voxel Smoothing Experiment

It was all inspired by this:



:embed https://microstudio.io/gilles/voxelsmoothing/

I think this has an incredible potential. My experiment just explores a tiny fraction of what could be possible with such techniques. I am now thinking to make a simple voxel editor, to incorporate in microStudio, with which you could create pure voxel models, but also stylish low-poly models, thanks to a materials system close to what SVox is doing.

Of course the resulting models could be exported to OBJ or GLB, to be used in your 3D project.

The best thing about this algorithm is that you can define the smoothing and other parameters per-material (read: "per color"). Thus in the same model you can have some parts with strong angles (very much voxel like) and some other elements with completely different smoothing parameters.

Some other parameters that could be used to define materials:

  • Normal smoothing
  • Color blending
  • Warping (maybe selective x / y / z)
  • of course traditional material properties: roughness / metalness ; maybe emissive / translucent too.

It is possible to compute and export an ambient occlusion map too.

Note: this experiment renders 3D using only the microStudio 2D API. The point was just to quickly test the idea.

Edit: changed the note about performance because ... @TinkerSmith helped me realize I had forgotten to set the transpiler on.

You are kidding me ... That's freaking awesome.
And only 2D he says, LOL. Remembering some of our feeble attempts at 3D and you whip up this, lol.

It's amazing how things from the beginning of 3D resurface and still make an impact. Definitely worth to continue down that track.
I have no clue how you gonna split yourself up to put all your ideas for microStudio into action :)

But you're the TinkerKing, HAHAHA

Awesome! Now I'm going to have to do some tinkering around with all of the new possibilities that stem from this idea :-)

As a sidenote, a marching cubes implementation could be interesting and fairly easy to implement for the voxel editor - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marching_cubes

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