Finally, after 20 hours of on-and-off work over 8 weeks, I'm finally finished with my project, Turn. But before I release this, I'd like to get some community feedback to see how I can improve the game, and also to see if anyone finds any bugs. I'd appreciate if you could have a go at my game and tell me your feedback/report any bugs! Good luck : = )

:embed https://microstudio.io/Gizmic/projectdemo/V9X4CR3U/

It's a nice game and I like it. If I can give a small suggestion is to consider opting for using an arrow shape pointing to movement direction of the ball (so blue will point left and orange will point down).

Other from that I believe that some kind of tween animation for the ball movement between turns will help have a better feel of the game play. Maybe adding a timer that give a bonus score for moving fast could be an optional game mode.

Well done.

Great work! :) The only real feedback I can give (other than the suggestions @HomineLudens took right out of my mouth) is that the dropdown animation after you die is a bit jarring as the game over box does not dropdown with it. Also, I think that if you do add animations it will make the gameplay much smoother and make the gameplay easier to understand.

Best score is 49 ;)

Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate it :=) Seems like I will add an animation whenever you move! I don't think I will do the arrow method as I feel like circles look a lot cleaner as well as still convey the required information. I might implement the dropdown animation as well. I probably won't implement the bonus score either, but we'll see...

Turn is released! You can find it here: https://microstudio.dev/i/Gizmic/turnv1/ .

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