"The Robots are Going Rogue" A point and click survival game

I hope you enjoy this type of game, I think this game is the first of its kind. I had this kind of idea for a game during my spring break, plus with a coding book going over Python, I thought why not, and started coding this game. Two weeks later here we are.

Hope you enjoy

Game: https://microstudio.dev/i/DanMan97/tragr/

I mean, it definitely feels like FNAF. As far as the gameplay goes I think you've hit the mark of your target, but the graphics make it hard to play in my opinion. It feels messy. You have a good base here to work from. Check out itch.io and search for graphical assets, i'm sure you will find some to use for your game(as I am not great with my artistic skills so I understand the set back).

Over all I think you should keep working on it. You could even build the story around being on a space ship and maybe aliens are the enemies or something along those lines.

Yes I noticed the bad graphics, and I should clean them up. The only problem is I have no idea what they are gonna be if I clean them up. What graphics are a keep and what are a change.

how did you learn how to use python in microstudio?

I used a book, specifically this book:


Long link I know, but it help me make this game

thank you so much

by the way does the book directly show how to use functions, or do we have to interpret stuff from it?

Yeah basically, if you check the game's code all you see is functions.

thank you!

Your welcome

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