Tales of the taken one...

Inspired by tinkersmith's tales from the tinkershed post! Thought this would be a great way to keep track of my projects as well, so:

Current projects

First, at the time of this post I have 4 public projects.

I'll talk about future projects in more detail, of course, starting with my 3d sketcher ;)

3d sketcher


So, for a while I've wanted to make a 3d editor! So I started playing around with a quick drawing tool that would draw lines which were * spinnable * in 3D. I think it works pretty well if you draw in realtime while it's spinning, but unfortunately the program lags very quickly.

Unfortunately... erm... I was a bit lazy while making it - and just copied over my 3d engine with shadows. Later on I realised this was a mistake, since I needed a more flexible 3d setup to optimise and to draw without the 'disconnected lines' happening. This means there are some major adjustments I need to make before it becomes very playable/useable.

However, I am working on something big at the moment (a generic 3d platformer) and am about two thirds through - so this is probably the last you will hear about it for a while.

3D Platformer, sounds exciting :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks :)

I've used a few testers that I know and they seem to unanimously agree that it is pretty fun. I'm planning to make it * speedrunnable * as well. Hoping to even add some community levels if any are interested! I want about 13-15 levels and I have finished 10, so it should be out soon!

I kind of want to make my own 3d platformer too :P

Kind of what you're making, I guess. Except I don't know how to code it. Maybe when you're done, I guess

You could make a community speedrun times post as well, and we could see who is the fastest! (If we can import screenshots into the posts, that is)

Actually, making my 3D platformer speedrunnable was exactly what I was thinking of doing! Great minds think alike :).

And yeah, I guess you could look at my code to make your own 3d platformer. I can explain some quick things here though - what do you need explaining?

After over a week of work... And procrastination... And struggles....

It's finally here!

The first 3d platformer on Microstudio!


A while back I decided I wanted to use my 3d experience in a game, and I think it turned out pretty well!

My level design is terrible, however ;P. Some optimisations could also be added, including a better sorting algorithm, and using the fillPoly function would significantly improve the quality. Perhaps I might do that in a future version.

I don't think many will be able beat my best time either ;P.

Last off, I'm in need of community levels so if you are interested, see here - https://microstudio.dev/community/project-sharing/3d-platformer---community-levels/75/

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!

I will probably post a level later today :-)

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

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