Say hello to micro Box - your virtual game console, running on any screen!

micro Box is your virtual console, working on almost any screen! Plug in your gamepad, open the URL, get on the couch and enjoy a true game console experience.


micro Box is just a prototype for now. It includes 20 microStudio games. In the future, you will be able to create your own collections of games and "package" them into your own dedicated virtual console.

Many thanks to all the contributors for their games!

Contact me on Discord if you would like your game to be included in this prototype. To be included, your game must be fully controllable with a gamepad, with the keyboard and with touch controls, depending on the user's choice.

Of course you can already clone the project and easily create your own list of games :-)

I have had this plan to create a virtual console for microStudio almost since the beginning. There is even an HTML mockup / prototype buried somewhere in the Github source code :-) What I had not anticipated, is that one day I would be able to create the micro Box... as a microStudio project. It was much easier to create this way and once I was started I just couldn't stop until I got this prototype running.

Using microStudio to create extensions to microStudio is something I will be doing more and more this year. More about this soon!

A quick lil guide to the addGame function in the catalog file

The first parameter is the name of the project

The second parameter is the username of the creator (this has to be exact)

The third parameter is the "slug" of the project. For example, the slug of


is microbox. I believe this is case-sensitive

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