My Zelda-like RPG


on the couch with back pain, the last two weeks. I'm using the time on this RPG project. Nothing original, but it is starting to look like a game. The working title is eight shades, as I'm only using 8 shades of color (2 x 4). Right now you have to kill all the monsters to win. Standing in front of the first house heals you (for money). Enter the houses with icons on it, they are shops.

Use I to open your inventory.

The rest is pretty straight-forward I guess...


Love the Gameboy Vibe :) Well done

Save option pretty please :)

Beautiful! Sorry for the noob question but is there a keyboard key to attack enemies? Or should I just try to avoid them?

Thanks Gilles. Just bump into the enemies to attack them. Since it is a turn-based game, you don't need any skill, besides the skill from the avatar.

Hey Kim, thanks for the clarification :-)

Played it some more, it's a really cool game, with great attention to detail! I like how you ensured the consistency of the pixel size, even for the shop tooltip window which will move pixel by pixel. The art is beautiful!

I was killed by the boss, I think I made two moves when I wanted to make one and then I was dead. Will try again.

It would be nice to make this game playable on smartphones. May I suggest this idea to make that possible: the 4:3 ratio leaves quite a lot of empty space on mobile screens, you could use that space to create a fake hardware console around the main game view, adding a D-Pad and a button for the inventory.

Keep it up!

Thanks for taking the time to play and give all the suggestions, great stuff! Yeah, I like to keep the resolution consistent. I will have to look into the smartphone-thing. BTW there's no way to close the app on the phone, is there?

I appreciate all the work you do, I love microStudio! Thanks

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