Minimal 64

The program code is not mine.

I just adapted it to work in MicroStudio.

Minimal 64 - it's a fantasy console that really exists.

Here is the channel of the author of the console and emulator.

p5.js version >>

What works - you can enter commands and play. Here is an example:

  • start the console

  • type birds , press enter . Birds will appear.

  • F1 resets the console.

Commands that work

  • dir
  • birds
  • invaders
  • show manual
  • balls
  • mandel

For those who want to know how MicroScript works, I recommend taking a look at the DoInstruction() function. This is done similarly for MicroScript 2.0.

I moved this program to see if MicroStudio adds code overhead. When checking how many instructions can be executed in one frame, it turned out that the code in p5 and MicroStudio has the same efficiency.

What is not working . There may be problems with the keys - I haven't mapped all of them.

When changing the size of the area in which the emulator runs, the screen becomes black. This has nothing to do with the emulator.