microVerse 2 Devlog

Hello! As some of you know, I am still working on a new microVerse (and still looking for help to add admins and accounts) so I decided I would start a Devlog. If you want to help with making admin abilities and permission, account making, or graphic improvement, just comment that you want to help. Also, if you would like to see how the game has changed, search https://microstudio.io/FutureCodeTycoon/microverse3/MH6GPR5E/ and you can view an early beta version of microverse 2. If you want to start up the server, search https://microstudio.dev/FutureCodeTycoon/microverse3/MH6GPR5E/?server and the server will start if you keep the tab open. I hope this will keep this project alive.

V 0.1 Added shadowphantom sprite. Might need to tone his speed down a bit. Added a lot more emojis including one that wasn't previously in the assets. Changed sad and angry emojis so that they'd look better.

V 0.2 Added Rat sprite, GreenGhost Sprite, improved alien sprite Added shadow sprite. All hats of to SaltyFries.

Hey! I'm part of the original team, and I'd be glad to help! I had a bunch more ideas but sadly not enough motivation to keep working on it... Do you want to join the discord so we can communicate better? (unless you're already there- I couldn't find your name. Either way, ping me @jmejuniper over there :D)

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