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Introducing you to microFarm - Only available for the microStudio community. This has been one of my biggest projects I have ever undertaken, and thanks to how manageable the microStudio development platform is it went really well.

The game takes a sprinkle of inspiration from Little Computer People, and a dash of fantasy survival game.




CONTROLS = ARROWS to move around and SPACEBAR for action.


Feed the chickens to keep them in good health. They will lay eggs eventually. You can then sell or eat these.


Grab yourself some fish. Sell them or cook and eat them to maintain your health.


Enter the house and perform a variety of tasks such as:

  • Cook food
  • Use the PC to buy and sell items
  • Keep the fire running in order to stay warm
  • Go to sleep at night in order to maintain your health


Be sure to look after your dog. feed, play ball, and give him the occasional pat.


Grow veg. When they are fully grown you can then pick them for selling or eating.


Go to the store room and chop some wood for the fire place.


Great job, loving it :)

Good job!

This is awesome, I really enjoy playing this! :)

What I would really like would be an overlay for mobile touch controls :)

I have now added TOUCH/MOUSE controls. The main game overlay buttons can be toggled to visible or otherwise via the main menu. All in-game buttons are clickable too.

** NEW UPDATE uses thumstick control


YEAH, I can play it on my phone now :)

@Jimb007 nice work!

@JimB007 I loved playing your game on my Mac and I am so glad I can play it on my phone now :-) Awesome work!


  • You now need to keep the fire running in the house to stay warm.
  • Store room at back of the house. Go in there to chop some wood.
  • Dog now goes into the house at night and vacates in the morning.

Also regarding the dog, just make sure his health does not reach 0 otherwise bad things may happen in your chicken coup.

Small note: If you clicked LIKE before (in the game exploration page) can you do so again? In order to get a clean update I deleted the existing release and replaced it with this new update. It means that all the feedback and likes have gone.

really nice game like the art a lot

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