Conway's Game of Life


Conway's game of life, complete with all the basic features (draw, erase, play/pause, and step), along with some bonuses (clear, fast forward, save/load, screen wrap, and a toggle to make the amount of neighbors visible), all in a 32x18 grid. More features will be implemented soon :D

:embed https://microstudio.io/JmeJuniper/conwaysgameoflife/

As mentioned on the game page, would love to see a 'wrap around' option ;)

Tricky, I know, just a thought.

Well done THUMBS UP

Done! I had to reduce fast forward to 2x while wrapping, but it works, and was actually surprisingly simple. All I had to do was add a toggle button, check if it's on, and if so, wrap the neighbor amount checks :D The reason it works is because I used pretty much the simplest method of running life: Iterate through all cells, check all neighboring tiles, for each alive neighboring cell increase a neighbor count by one, and then do stuff depending on that count. (Well, actually, I had to do some weird stuff with a separate map for updating to stop changes that should happen all at once from happening sequentially in the main map's eyes, but that's going way off-topic XD) Therefore, all I needed to do is allow the neighbor check to wrap around. Thank you!


I love Conway's game of life, its so simple, but also complex! I really enjoyed this implementation, Amazing!

Thank you!

Managed to fix the issue where fast-forwarding and wrapping glitches sometimes (hopefully) :D

Edit: AND I added a new button :) You can look at the features list to see what it does... or check it out yourself :D

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