code writer for action platformer rpg wanted

hi, im working on an action rpg platformer and cant code proply i need help. if you are interested please comment below.

I think the chances are slim that you will find someone that will do the work for you.
There are many out there that have ideas and the ones that invested the time to learn how to code are mostly busy with their own projects.

In your other post you mentioned that you can make sprites. Maybe try to create something that shows the concept of your game and the general game idea. That might maybe spark someones interest. But otherwise, as mentioned in the other post, best is always to learn coding yourself.

Start small, go through the tutorials to get a better understanding. It's a long way, but rewarding.

Or explore existing projects and try to modify them. All projects are public domain and you can reuse them. But out of courtesy give credit to the original creator :)

Just have fun

thanks tinker, i was just checking anyway and i knew the chances were slim. im using meowys adventure as a template and building on that. i was realy hoping for help whith the code for enemies and inventorie in particular, any sugestions?

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