Cells is a simple project that I wrote sometime in the past in Java. I remade it with microStudio and I think I made it better. so if you want to you can check it out here.

Made some changes for some that are interested.


Food and hunger - Hunger is another thing a cell needs to vary about. Food spawns randomly like a cell, but doesn't move like one, It is a plant of some sorts you can say.

Hunter cells!

Hunter cells - These cells don't eat regular food they eat other cells! Hunters have all of the same property's like a normal cell would, but they can only eat other cells.

Link to the new 2.0 version: https://microstudio.io/i/MrBoi/cells2/

Link(1.0) - https://microstudio.dev/i/MrBoi/cells/

I hope they are not contagious ... chuckle

One could go really overboard with that, adding food, hunter cells, etc.

P.S. on a side note, love that you added credits in your helper section, something everyone should do.

Yeah food is one thing I will consider it would be a great addition to the simulation.

Hunter cells would be interesting to make and a great balance of food eating cells and other cell eating cells.

In the start choosing where the simulation starts so to choose where the first cell would start.

I just think that there a pretty good amount of features for me to consider.

Curious to see what 3.0 will look like ;)

I mean, cells eat ... at some stage they have to defecate = good fertilizer to enhance the plant growth in that area?

The circle of life =)

Thanks for all the feedback @TinkerSmith!

I am really glad that someone likes these little simulations. For now my plans for 3.0 are small at best, but I think that some sort of fertilizer would be good for the plants.

Thanks again,

 Cheers, mrBoi

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