4th spritestacking-ish test of mine

Basically just sprite stacking with maps. What's the difference between this and normal sprite stacking? Well, aside from this being harder to keep track of, it also... Well, actually, I can't think of any advantages... Well, anyways, this project at least has an fps counter, a changeable target fps, and shows how many 2d slices are being rendered per voxel


:embed https://microstudio.io/JmeJuniper/voxeltest/

Wowsers :)

There is no point in using a precision of less than 1 pixel. The multiplicity other than the total number is also questionable.

   precision = max (min (precision, 20), 0)

change to

   precision = max (min (precision, 20), 1)

Due to how microstudio works, 1 unit of space does not necessarily equal one screen pixel :) Also, what multiplication are you referring too?

The precision parameter concerns the position of the displacement of subsequent layers. If you set it to a value other than integer, the shifts will overlap and you will not see the effect of the iteration. For me, this parameter could drop to about 0.5 - 0.6 for a 40 FPS target.

I don't know that well about MicroStudio to see how a function draws. But my guess is that for the drawing technique used in this program, drawing with a spacing other than an integer hardly makes sense.

After changing the precision parameter to a value greater than or equal to 1, 5 FPS was added and the image looks the same as drawn with the parameter in the range 0.5 - 0.8.

True, but it varies with the monitor resolution. The size of a microstudio pixel is based on the aspect ratio (Whichever dimention, width or height, is smaller, is always 200, and the bigger one depends on the aspect ratio and will adjust to make a 1x1 square... square). If you run a microstudio project on a 1:1 (perfectly square) screen with a resolution of 600 by 600, there will be 3 real pixels per 1 microsudio pixel, or 3x3 pixels for a 1x1 microstudio pixel block (i.e. fillRect(0, 0, 1, 1)) I hope that makes sense :D

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