3D quick engine - WIP

So a while back, I told our micromaster @gilles I would create a 3d 'quick engine' for use, and I have been working on it very on and off for a while. So, here is the work-in-progress (WASD and ARROW keys):

:embed https://microstudio.io/this_name_is_taken/3dquickengine/KANYDJV7/

Currently has basic engine features; including shadows and lighting (depending on a xyz light position), back-face culling, z-clipping, z-sorting, and some basic tools that make the engine easier to use.

I will be adding more features and will be documenting the major changes in this post :)

Only problem I'm having ... I get lost walking around ... LOL

Haha, hopefully I can fix that problem as I add new features. I'll keep in mind that I need something to keep tinkerers from wandering off the map XD

Version 0.2: Added lines to the engine and line shadows as well. Added a new function, scaling, that can be used to affect objects size. Helpful to scale an object if you made it the wrong size or just want to change it's size for no reason every update (like I am doing in the tech demo).

Reorganised files so that the engine is slightly easier to use. There are now three different files that are used for building a scene: control (basically main, controls all of the features), objects (controls what objects, shapes, etc. are added into the scene when the init function is run) and runtime (controls what happens every update).

Fixed a bug causing seemingly random triangle extrusions, as well as fixing gaps that appeared between adjacent triangles.

this very cool and looks like you put alot of worck into it

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