Working in the game industry

Good afternoon, friends! The question is overdue, I think it is important for novice developers. So, what's interesting, I wonder how much you can earn by creating games in microstudio? In microstudio, you can create good pixel graphics (which, by the way, is relevant), yes, it is (and I like it). I see the potential in microstudio, and I have a lot of respect for Gilles. Gilles, you're amazing!!! Well, I have a question first of all to those people who already have experience in creating games (namely 2d with pixel graphics), and also earn money on it. Give advice to novice developers, where to start and what to create to make a profit from it (what is relevant now)? In short, I really want to hear from professionals, how much do you earn from creating games? I will make a reservation, in this world, in this art, people do not go for money (not in the first place), and I did not go for them, I just like it. But a hobby that makes money is cool :)