Seriously where do we discuss game engines

because it's not off-topic! But I don't see a category for this.

Maybe we need a "Game dev" category? Any other suggestion?

Well I'd hate to waste screen space ... I might be the only one ! I'm just saying this microstudio is a interesting blend of somethings I've used before. Like some Scratch, Love2d and Javascript all mixed together. I regularly check out new game engines that might be useful to introduce grade-school students to programming. This here microstudio is right there for that.

Own category would definitely be better, just worried the forum will blow out of proportion :)

Maybe the Discord channel is a better place for that (would need that category too ...)

Guess so.

Good question... it would be quite simple if you just created one forum to discuss one topic - and everybody went there to talk about game engines.

@gilles - The problem with that is there being no way to easily reply, that could be a suggestion. (maybe tags like @example_username would work)

I think a forum to talk about 3d would be great as well, I would love to introduce more people to 3d rendering algorithms like raytracing - looking at you tinkersmith ;).

@this_name_is_taken ... I am listening :)

Because I have no clue what I'm doing, lol

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