I have a quick question, if a post is off topic on the off topic page, doesn't that make it on topic? And if it's on topic on the off topic page, that makes it off topic....

Also, quick sneak peek on what I'm working on, any feedback would be helpful (don't mind the highscore being undefined) :) And yes, still some bugs to fix :P

:embed https://microstudio.io/Gizmic/turndemo2/CV6AAGNV/

Is there a way to win or is it just a matter of how long we can stay alive? I am not sure to understand all the rules! My best score: 17

Also sorry if I sound on topic :-P

I got an awesome score of 84, and your question hurts my head.

Sorry about no explanation of rules- it's just trying to get as high a score as possible. I definitely need to adjust the difficulty a tiny bit as well, it gets pretty difficult...

I mean, you're on topic for the post which makes you off topic as the post is off topic, right? :P

84 is an impressive score, congrats! My best right now is 123 if you want to beat my score :-)

I can't give you an awnser to a question that is beyond my understanding :D

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