New 2D and 3D APIs! New 2D and 3D physics APIs! - microStudio experimental features

There is quite a big update today with the introduction of "experimental" features.

Why "experimental"?

These features should be considered "experimental" because they could still receive breaking updates in the future (I mean the changes could break your existing projects relying on these features).

  • Physics APIs: this is a straight integration of matter.js (2D physics API) and cannon.js (3D physics API). You can access all the features of these libraries from your microScript code.

  • Babylon.js: this integration gives you full access to Babylon.js 3D API, all from your microScript code.

  • PIXI.js: this integration gives you full access to PIXI.js accelerated 2D API, all from your microScript code.

(while you have full access to the libs above, you will also quicky find that a few support features are missing in microStudio: creating and drawing offscreen images, importing and loading 3D models... rest assured that I am working on it!)

  • M3D: this is a simple 3D API which I am building on top of Babylon.js. It is very minimalist for now. This one should grow and change a lot in the future.
  • M2D: this is a simple accelerated 2D API, using a scene/camera model, which I am building on top of PIXI.js. This one is also very basic for now and will also grow and change a lot in the future.

How to activate?

  1. Go to your user settings page and check [X] Experimental ; then reload the page

  2. Go to your project settings page, where you can pick an alt graphics API for your project and activate optional libs (currently matter.js and cannon.js)

Where to learn?

You will find a few simple examples below that will help you getting started. Babylon.js, Pixi.js, matter.js and cannon.js have great online documentations and tutorials which you can use directly (especially, Babylon.js has an amazing online documentation with many examples running in an interactive playground). I will start working on a documentation for M2D and M3D.

Babylon.js demo:


Pixi.js demo:


M2D demo:


M3D demo:


Matter.js demo:


Nice. Glad to see it.

OMG ... so many new toys to tinker with ;) Great job

This is incredible! Great work! (as usual, I've said this around 6 times now LOL)

I've been waiting for this for a very long time! Thank you, Gilles! Really cool. MicroStudio is growing before our eyes!

I really love seeing how microStudio evolves and grows overtime, can't wait to see what's next. Good job!


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