Monthly Themes: February 2023

Here are the monthly themes for February:

  • Demoscene: (see ; take inspiration from the 8bit & 16bit era, if you will, and create your own demo!

  • Fake 3D: Let's be honest: displaying 3D on a 2D screen is necessarily "fake". Though we are better at faking 3D nowadays, I am inviting you to revisit older techniques such as sprite scaling, sprite stacking, wireframe 3D, ray casting, isometric views...

Join us on #monthly-theme on Discord to discuss the theme and share your work!

Why two themes btw? I already have a long list of good theme candidates and I am sure the community will bring even more exciting ideas. We will cover more themes by highlighting two of them every month. Also it allows you to pick the one you prefer if you are not inspired by the other theme :-)