microStudio solo - coming soon!

(as I posted on the Discord)

I am making some progress towards the open-source / standalone version of microStudio!

I have been thinking a lot in the last months about the best way to make the project modular, in such a way that I can maintain the online version (supporting multiple users, using a DB system and specific file storage systems) and a downloadable standalone/solo version, both relying on the same open-source code base.

Honestly I couldn't find the perfect solution I was aiming for... but I don't want to wait anymore so I have started working on something simpler. It won't be the most elegant, but it will work. I am thus planning to release a Github project which I am calling microStudio-solo. It will be a local version of microStudio that you can download (or clone) and run with nodeJS. Installing and running microStudio-solo on your PC should be as simple as:

git clone <....>/microStudio-solo
npm install
node microstudio

This will start a server on port 8080 on your machine and you will be able to start using microStudio-solo from your web browser, working with local files. microStudio-solo will be available in a few weeks. Before that happens, I plan to migrate microStudio to a whole new server with plenty of RAM and disk space. This migration should require a 1 hour downtime which will be announced probably in 1 or 2 weeks from today.