Zooming in Maps

I am making a scrolling platformer game and I wanted to create a zoomed in map (in which the camera follows the player). How do I go about that procedure?

How about you take the map you have, and simply draw it larger? Just take the actual map size and multiply it by the percentage of zoom divided by 100, and put that into the drawMap function.

but that didnt work. what exactly do you mean?

Have you checked mrLman's tutorials? They cover it basically all. Showing part of the map and how to create a camera that follows the player.

Here the tutorials: https://sites.google.com/ed.act.edu.au/games-programming/game-elements/

And the finished game:

If you get stuck it really helps to check the tutorial section, examples and other projects. There is no avoiding, one has to work his way in step by step. Some questions might sound simple, but it all depends on the context and the answer might get too complex for a short reply here on the forum. And most of the time everyone is busy with their own programming and learning to provide lengthy examples.

Considering it's mostly all out there, one just has to look :)

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