How to do long calculations ?? The functions "init" and "draw" are terminated after approximately 2 seconds. Sometimes the console says "Timeout" and sometimes it doesn't. After the interruption, some data was not created correctly and the program behaves unpredictably.

A trick I use in some cases is avoiding long "for" loops and changing the loop variables inside the function "update".

Look at this code >> https://microstudio.dev/i/Loginus/performancetest/

If I call "SinArr" with several different values ​​in the "init" section, the program and the "microStudio IDE" will behave differently.

On my low end performance laptop.

sinArr = new SinArr(1) >> Run ok

SinArr START 1625591240758

SinArr Finish 1625591240794


Changing the value while the program is running to 10.

set sinArr = SinArr(10) >> Run ok

SinArr START 1625591246054

SinArr Finish 1625591246156


Each time you edit the code (even if it adds spaces), you hear a beep.

set value 100 >> Run ok

SinArr START 1625591248194

SinArr Finish 1625591248508


I set the value SinArr(1000) >> Can't hear the beep. I only see the text

SinArr START 1625591252256




class = [object]

Status = "init done"

Arr = [list]


According to my reasoning, the program is restarted after each code edit (this was the case with each previous change of value). If there was a restart, the sinArr object should not exist. In the console I see the inscription "SinArr START" and so I know that the value of the "SinArr.Status" field should be "init start".

Changes the value of "SinArr (1)" - nothing happens. Changes the value of "SinArr (1000)" - nothing happens.

It changes the value of "SinArr(1000)" and I click "Restart project".

SinArr START 1625592449188

SinArr Finish 1625592451774


Now the program works.

I set SinArr(1000000) and restart >> I am getting a warning sinArr.get is not a function.

In the console >>



This is a very confusing behavior. The program may run on one computer and not on another.

When I was browsing public projects, some of them just didn't work for me (weak laptop). I figured these projects aren't finished or properly written yet.

I only had a black screen - or had to run the program several times.

Now I think that the environment in which these programs are run does not allow to verify whether a given activity was successful.

It would also be useful if you could turn off the time limit for a given activity, at least temporarily.

I can hear the sound with Firefox, but not with Google.

From Google's DevTools:

Registration succeeded. Scope ishttps://microstudio.io/Loginus/performancetest/


The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page. https://goo.gl/7K7WLu

AudioCore.AudioCore.getContext @ play.js:5991

AudioCore @ play.js:5869

Runtime @ play.js:3564

Player.Player.start @ play.js:6560

(anonymous) @ play.js:6548

XMLHttpRequest.send (async)

Player.Player.loadSource @ play.js:6555

Player @ play.js:6528

(anonymous) @ play.js:6692

load (async)

(anonymous) @ play.js:6691

play.js:6736 received: {"name":"project_file_versions","data":{"sources":{"main":{"version":374,"properties":{},"ext":"ms"},"unitsinarr":{"version":28,"properties":{},"ext":"ms"}},"sprites":{"icon":{"version":1,"properties":{"frames":1,"fps":5},"ext":"png"},"sprite":{"version":28,"properties":{"frames":5,"fps":7},"ext":"png"}},"maps":{},"sounds":{},"music":{},"assets":{}},"request_id":0}

2play.js:6736 received: {"name":"pong"}

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