Scrolling on MicroStudio

Hi everyone!

I am making a game with a scroll bar, but I can't figure out how to code for upwards and downwards scrolling using the middle mouse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much! :-)

You would like to scroll up and down when the middle mouse button is pressed? If you are talking about using the mouse wheel to do so, that is not supported at this stage (by what I am aware of).

Back to the middle button, if your scroll bar is an object on your screen you would have to add a little check function that identifies if the mouse hovers over your bar and then reacts to the middle mouse button press according to what you would like to do.

Hard to give a specific example not knowing the whole context.

If you would like to show what you have done so far or tried, you can publish your game to share the link. Click the [unlisted] checkbox on the publish page so it won't show up on the Explore page while your project is unfinished.

Live Long and Tinker

Thank you so much for your help! :-) I ended up programming the scroll bar to react whenever I pressed the middle mouse (as you suggested), and it worked :-)

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