Mp4 video player. HELP deadline in 1 day

is there a way to import and play a mp4 then run the main game(using Quick engine). i was trying to make a cut scene but i figured it would be much more esay to do a video so i wanted to know if there is a way to play a video then run the game.

It is not possible to play a movie in MicroScript.

You could clone a js player and try to implement it into microscript. There are many of them, and it is not that difficult, as far as I know it's just copy&paste + some keywords, ms supports javascript

but how? im just trying to make a cut scene and thought a video would work. but because the deadline for the game ids tomarow i might go for just a box of text on the screen that goes away when you click it. like a tip/dialog. i just dont know how to implement it into the game. i tried to add a dialog/tip looking box yesterday but had no luck

See how this example is done.

I add a map with the inscription (may be the name of the game) and change the update and draw values ​​(init() section) to the address of the updateWelcom and drawWelcom functions.

When the user presses the spacebar I change the value of update and draw (updateWelcom section) to the address of the updateGame and drawGame functions.

Don't jump on the flame when you test.


Sorry not enough time, on Saturday is the release, but im planning on updating this game.

To late for your deadline and won't help anyway because it uses the PIXI library. But that one can play videos. Only problem, the video has to be available online so that one can download it.

For our JS experts, I'm pretty sure this could be done with a little JS extension?


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