Microstudio compatibility with Vivaldi browser

Hi, I really like the look of Microstudio, but I've found with my browser (the latest version of Vivaldi - build 6.7.3329.35, Windows) the code editor doesn't work properly - the cursor is not placed in the correct place, which makes it impossible to edit any code.

Vivaldi is Chromium based, so I didn't expect there to be any issues. I tried turning off all my extensions and reloading the page, but it didn't work.

Has anyone else hit this problem? I saw a previous post that seemed to suggest someone else was using Vivaldi without any problems.

Hi, do you have any similar problems here: https://ace.c9.io/ (the editor used in microStudio). If you do, the problem should be reported to the Vivaldi team... if you don't then I will have to install Vivaldi ><

The ace editor seems to work fine, I'm afraid!

Oh, I also tried the Linux version of Vivaldi with MicroStudio, and had the same problem.

@gilles :Now that you're looking at the code, I also have an editor error.

It's hard to reproduce, so I'll give a lot of details. How I use my computer

  • I never turn off the system (only hibernate to memory)
  • microstudio website is always in the browser (Firefox)
  • I never turn off the browser (unless it has a memory leak)
  • microstudio server running in the terminal

When does the error occur (most often)

  • writes code (microstudio page open with code)
  • hibernates the system
  • I turn on the computer
  • I see that the microstudio page changes from the editor to the project list view
  • I reopen the project
  • click editor and press any letter
  • at this point, one to several lines of code appear in the editor, as if I had pressed ctrl-v
  • this happens both in an existing project and, for example, when I turn on the computer and the first thing I do is create a new project.
  • it is always the first time a character is pressed

The second problem that occurs regularly for me is "ghost code".

  • let's assume that I have created a new project with a large rectangle moving across the screen from left to right.
  • keeps writing the code, so that finally the source code no longer has a rectangle moving across the screen.
  • performs various activities (launch other projects, review the code of other projects)
  • I come back to the project from time to time and sometimes I see that the project was launched not from the current version, but from the one in which it is moving in a rectangle on the screen. Another run of the code - the current version works. This most often occurs when using JavaScript and large projects.

Another version of this error is when a syntax error occurs in the JavaScript code, I correct the syntax, run the project and it doesn't work, run it again and it works even though I haven't made any changes to the code. When I was examining the condition race to be sure what was causing the error, I always had to run the code 2-3 times - because I didn't know if I was getting the error message from the current version of the code.

I noticed that this also occurs in large projects - especially when there are several errors in the code (even though there are no race conditions).

This is very confusing runtime behavior.

I think this error has something to do with the browser cache.

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