Maps In Quick Engine?

I'm trying to make a metroidvania game,I made many maps and just connect them together.But for extracting sprites,I have to extract the sprites from each map making it hard.I tried using list but It didn't work,I just wanna pack them together into one map variable so I won't need to extract sprites from each maps.If you don't understand here's an example:

init = function()
  Quick.init() //Quick Engine Init
  map_connect1 = Quick.addMap("map1",0,0,800,400) //First Part Of The Game
  map_connect2 = Quick.addMap("map2",800,0,800,400) //Second Part Of The Game
  coins = map_connect1.extractSprites("coin") //Extracting The Sprites
  for c in coins //Modifying The Sprites
    c.solid = 0
    c.fall = 0
  //Do I Do It Again For The Second And Other Parts Of The Game Or Is There Another Way To Make It Easier?