Looking for developers to join a 2d GTA-styled game project

Game Link: https://microstudio.dev/i/Elon_Studios/americangreed/ Discord User: Jorrra

Hi, my name is Jorr Ishma and I am the leader of an Indie Game Development Group looking for friends and developers interested in helping work on a story mode game like GTA based on the Corruption and hidden connections of the 1990's in Detroit.

We are looking for anyone from Story Writers to Pixel Artists but we are Mainly looking for Developers.

I overall am looking for a great time with new like-minded people and I am planning to publish this on steam one day so commissions may be a future benefit.

Contact on discord or this post for more info

I'll keep this in mind

Мда что там графика как с унитаза но могу помочь с радостью

I might join, Update, I saw the game link, IT LOOKS COOL. i will be available if you need some help coding. but i also need to know what needs to be done, like a checklist. so i can be of help Im also good at the art but better at coding.

@TedCodes alright

you got discord?

I have one question

What do you mean by a 2d style GTA game, like the original Grand Theft Auto 1 where you move in a 2 dimensional world but with 3d buildings or like Grand Theft Auto for the Game Boy where every thing is 2d

Soerry dont have discord

Checklist/todo moved to assets in the planing folder

the "assets" tab is under the maps tab

You might want to add my friend that helped me with this. https://microstudio.dev/i/pgmz5/pumkin/ BTW this is my first game im microstudio

his username is pgmz5

the code looks like in needs to be indented corectly. but idk if that was intentinal

I BROKE IT. ):. i thought we where using MicroScript. i messed with the title screen code. and it doesnt work anymore

btw why r we useing javascript

I have been building a game manager for handling a lot of the game back end, and am using a gta 2 type game example to find flaws in my collisions etc. Check it out https://microstudio.io/i/SynKrown/ruler/

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