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I have image like https://i.gyazo.com/1c0e7c11d87cc884040300f72b5b5fdd.png

How do I make full ready map from it ?

Try to get the tile set and recreate the map. There are online tools that can split images into tiles.

In theory you could write a routine to convert it into a map, but I don't think that would be very efficient.

You could also use the image as scrolling background and an invisible map on top, but the image looks rather large.

My humble opinion, create the map manually. Then you can extend it as you please


I can only help get you close... I do not know how to make it work... but...

  1. The image is 59x547 (0,0...58,546)
  2. Click "Sprites"
  3. Drag the file (image.png) from the computer folder into "Sprites"
  4. Select "Maps" and see your map on the right side of the page with other sprites
  5. Try to make your new "map" 59x547 and the image size (I could not because I needed to have "block" size as 1x1)
  6. Click on your new map with the other sprites
  7. You will see it show above the other sprites fully side to side
  8. Click on that image of your sprite (or click and drag if the whole image is not selected)
  9. Click inside the new map zone and you should see the new map should be in the edit zone

I found that I could only see the default section size (24 x 16) and not 59x547 I tried to re-size the map to 547x59, but the app kept resetting to 24x16. One time I got the block size to be 1x1, so the map "fit" but still, I could not size or move the map around. Good luck.

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