How to Send Notifications for Android | iOS | Desktop

I would like to know if it's possible to send notifications with the API we currently have available.

If not, where is the code for me to add the API access?

I know how to code for android, Javascript and iOS and it's possible for me to add the API for multiple platforms(including desktop linux if viable)


MicroScript has the following capabilities:

system.say( message )

Opens a window to display a text message.

system.prompt( message, callback )

Opens a window asking the user to input text.

You can use the option to add code in javascript and use the notifications provided by the browser >> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Notifications_API/Using_the_Notifications_API

Thanks I'll try it (:

I would also like to know how would I go on to access the lua+js -> .apk in order to add functionality, I would like to add more APIs

I don't know if it works in Lua (I've never written in this language).

MicroScript2.0 you do this:

  • To add functions and classes that work in javascript you need to create a new file.

  • In the first line you enter //javascript

  • You enter the code. you add the variables you want to be visible in MicroScript2.0 to the global object.


MyClass = class{....}
global.MyClass = MyClass;
  • Now the variable/class is visible in the MicroScript code and you refer to it

myClass = new MyClass()

  • you can also add javascript code from MicroScript. You call, for example:
     global.MyClass = class{};


  • it is difficult to rewrite a larger library
  • javascript code is very susceptible to condition race. (code from one file may be executed first, and code from the second file may be executed first)
  • it's hard to debug - but I wrote a small library that makes it easier.

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