Help Needed to create accounts and permissions for my online game.

Hello! I am looking for some help for my recreation of microVerse, the popular microstudio online game. I am trying to create accounts (that will save) and admin permissions. I have been told how to do this, but I can't figure out how to code it. That's why I'm asking for help. If you would like to do this for me, reply in the comments saying that you want to help. I will give you credit. Expect a project invite within 24 hours of your reply unless it is a weekend in which case it might be longer. Thanks.

It can be done fairly easy. There is a little creation window, where you input data, and then it gets saved into a list as a list, like this: [["FutureCodeTycoon","myPassword12","admin"],["Soool1244","otherPass23","user"]]. Then there is a function, which will read it out, and checks what the third element in the sublist says. That will give users no admin console, but admins, can, for example, spawn npcs, or change stats. But sadly, I am to stupid to create a username/password input quickly.

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