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Is there a way to do more advanced programming stuff with this plattform? Like using libraries from python or js frameworks, creating own Annotations (@) or whatever??

I only use microScript, so I have no idea about Python (check the discord, there were some discussions). But js extensions can be used, even from within microStudio.

Here one example using the LIL-GUI extension for debugging:


possible to code with React? Could be huge for GUI. And Annotations would be very funny. They are just like magic in java for eg

MicroStudio was created to make it easy to create a game - you have a graphics editor and a code editor.

You can use as the base language in a JavaScript project. Combining code written in MicroScript 2 and JavaScript also works.

Combining React and MicroScript will be difficult because

  • in MicroScript there is no way to create/refer to HTML elements in the browser (probably for security reasons).
  • MicroScript is responsible for the interface and rendering and receiving input data, there may be a conflict as to which HTML element now has focus.

You have to get really into the MicroScript engine and do the entire React connection in JavaScript. But once you do this, you will have access to the entire React library from within the code in MicroScript 2.

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