What I like about microStudio

  1. The Language

The script language is brilliantly simple, but powerful. The class system is easy to use, has inheritance, and direct objects are available as key-value pairs. Variable namespaces are predictable.

  1. The Environment

Everything is available and easy to use. Sprites, Sounds, code files, all integrated. Documentation right there. Great for learning and tinkering!

  1. HTML5 output.

I second all of that :)


I fourth all of that, but I think we should definitely add the fact that gilles is always working hard to improve microstudio :)

Not to mention that gilles usually fixes bugs or implements suggestions within 48 hours

Yes. Rarely do we have a dedicated developer who is right there for users. In fact, I looked at microStudio because it had zero likes on alternativesto.net. I interpreted that to mean this was a fairly new project. Good to get in on the ground level :)

I agree, microStudio is a great game engine. I found it by watching a "gamefromscratch" video on YouTube. I was interested and, here I am even participating in the game jam. Giles is a great dev. I love the community.

I also found it more or less by accident through the twitter review that Game From Scratch did (pointing to that YouTube video you mentioned).
I just love tinkering around with it ... as one might have noticed ;)

I can't remember how I discovered microStudio... All I can say is: thanks Gilles!

I like everything about it. But especially - i like, how fast it works. Really. Some engines are lags a lot. Some games, made with some engines are lags a lot, (or even a little, but noticeble). Microstudio looks highly optimized. The engine draws and deletes images, play sounds and music and moves sprites without any delay and problems. No lagging at all (or i just didn't see the lagging game so far). So - this is great!

PS: Also - i like this "See your code in action right now" function - this is great! It's so helpful! Especially for those who just starting to learn programming.

-- "See your code in action right now" Fully agree with this one. Especially too the ability to change values on the fly and see the results happen live on the viewport. Some other plus features:

  • Auto-saving. No need to worry too much about losing your work.
  • Flip in and out of online help documentation.
  • Engine still continues running even if you make a mess of your code. In other words it just keeps going until you figure out where you have messed up.
  • Multiple separate code tabs (on the side) so you can split up your code into manageable chunks. I.e, main / title / endgame / inputs

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