Unity Vs. Unreal Engine. Whats the differences?

Now, this ain't an ad, so I'm going to make it pretty short and simple, Unity is beginner-friendly. I'm not trying to start controversy either so I am going to go ahead and say Unreal Engine is much better for a photorealistic game, mostly because the RTX setting is just an option. I have used them both and for my style of games, I love Unity. You may like Unreal Engine, who knows? I just would get started with making 3D games in Unity, as it's much more user-friendly. You are able to download them both by just looking them up. Have a great time creating!

I agree. unreal engine is pretty difficult to navigate, it has stunning graphics and designs. Unity is much easier to work with and easy to navigate and get a hang of, while it does take much work. The thing about unity is that it does take much more work to make your game look good but i agree that unity is for beginners while unreal engine is for the experts.

From what i've seen and heard, unity is not beginner friendly (at least from my standpoint) then again i literally have spent 2 years making a 3d engine, just so that i don't use unity (so im fairly biased). I have never used unreal, but from what i've seen its pretty user friendly (take this with a grain of salt as i myself have never used it). Godot, from what i know is the most user friendly of the three.

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