Writing off-screen when coding?

If you write off screen when coding in a project, the coding area (the background) shifts over to the left and minimises. Also, the move to the side bar doesn't work to see the entire text if you write off the screen. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug, maybe it could be a :Feature: but this post could also be a bit of a suggestion on fixing the scroll to the side bar, anyway.

Okay, I may have accidentally wrote Writing off-screen instead of weird scrolling, I apologise for that.

Also, now that I've posted this I feel like I might as well add a suggestion

Would adding a system that can either search comments or add a hot/most popular (or even an developer updates) section similar to the projects area? That would make it easier to find stuff once microstudio becomes more popular than scratch :P

Yes it happens to me too. Weird bug! I will look into it.

Yep! Good luck :D

I think I have fixed this bug, please comment again if you see this bug happening again.

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