Plug-ins does not work?

I am only one who get plug-ins shows only black screen?

Ispector says:

Uncaught DOMException: Navigator.getGamepads: Document's Permission Policy does not allow calling getGamepads() from this context. play.js:3836
    Gamepad https://microstudio.io/play.js:3836
    Runtime https://microstudio.io/play.js:531
    start https://microstudio.io/play.js:5889
    onreadystatechange https://microstudio.io/play.js:5877
    (Async: EventHandlerNonNull)
    loadSource https://microstudio.io/play.js:5882
    Player https://microstudio.io/play.js:5857
    <anonimous> https://microstudio.io/gilles/pixelify/?debug:36
    (Async: EventListener.handleEvent)
    <anonimous> https://microstudio.io/gilles/pixelify/?debug:35

Opera (last) x64

I get the same on Firefox (black screen), on Chrome it works after a long waiting time (loading?) and after clicking on the black screen. Forgot to check the console info but will do tonight when I get to it.

@TinkerSmith yes please check if you get a similar message about Navigator.getGamepads and let me know...

I just tested Opera 87 on Mac and did not have this problem. Can you tell me more about Opera version and which host system, so that I can try to reproduce? Do you think you may have activated some specific security features?

There is a situation with the gamepad API which is very unclear. I have been having warnings for months about using the gamepad API, with a link to this page: https://github.com/w3c/gamepad/pull/112 ; the page says that I should add "gamepad" to the iframe permissions ; which I thus did a long time ago ; since then, I get both a warning that "gamepad" permission I am asking is not recognized and another warning that I should request the "gamepad" permission > <

So I fear at some point something will break ; maybe it is already happening on your PC. Let's try to clarify if that is the problem.

@WolfDigital I made a change this morning which should fix the problem ; you should still see the error reported on Navigator.getGamePads ; however it should not prevent the plug-in from working. Let me know!

@gilles Yep, its start to work :)

Very nice!


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