namespacing JavaScript + MicroScript

MicroScript code can use JavaScript code - I'm very impressed with this.

While testing (transferring to MicroScript) the sample code, I noticed a problem with the combination of JavaScript and MicroScript.

Here's a description of how MicroStudio was screaming for 24 hours and I couldn't understand what was happening.

In PIXI3D, the library exports classes and variables. It turns out that there is a variable that has the same name as the class.

PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment.main which contains before the critical call

   renderer = [object]
   lights = [list]
   imageBasedLighting = 0

The variable is used in the library and its absence or incorrect content causes errors in the graphics display.

There is also a class called PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment()

I can refer to a variable and a class from MicroScript - everything works fine.

However, the authors of the library did something that MicroScript cannot do - overwrite the value of PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment.main with a new object.


         new PIXI3D.ImageBasedLighting(

Causes the PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment class to disappear.

Attempting to write to PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment.main generates an error that such a variable does not exist.

It took me 24 hours to understand this and I suspected it was a library error or a server error (no graphics). Due to this error, the entire graphic is black - you can check it by turning off the light (comment the lines PIXI3D.LightingEnvironment.main.lights.push(l) )

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