MicroStudio graphics editing error.

The error arises when

  1. Go to the Sprites tab, select any Sprite type object that does not have an animation (there is only one frame).
  2. You click the Animation field, a field appears where you can add additional animation frames.
  3. You click two white squares in the Sprite miniature - you clone the first frame of the sprite. Now Sprite has two frames.
  4. You go back to editing the code. In my project, all sprites in TileMap stopped showing at this point - but the edited sprit looks normal. (follow these steps on the project - "Map sprite stacking ver 2" - https://microstudio.dev/i/Loginus/mapspritestacking/ - dynamically adds Sprite to TileMap . When in another project I repeated these steps but TileMap has Sprites only added in the MicroStudio editor - these sprites are still displayed in TileMap)
  5. You are returned to the list of projects.
  6. You come back to the project in which you edited the Sprite. You open the tab with the graphics. The edited sprit is half its height. (I also had another Sprite with more frames that the Sprite was 1 pixel high).
  7. When I run the program, no Sprites added to TileMap are displayed while the program is running.


I noticed that other Sprites are also damaged, even though they were not edited (Sprite with 8 animation frames looks in the editor on the animation preview as if it was moving upwards - the top corner of the sprite started in the coordinates (x = 0, y = -1). And the last row of pixels was filled with the next animation frame. Frame number two is already shifted by 2 pixels (x = 0, y = - 2), the last two rows of pixels are from frame number 3. )

I also noticed that the Sprit resolution cannot be changed. When the sprite is 100 wide and 100 tall. I change to 50 wide and 50 tall. The changes are visible in the editor. I go to the list of projects. I am going back to the project in which I changed the size of the Sprite. I see the size is 100 wide by 100 tall.

If the Sprite is damaged in the project. And I will throw away all Sprites and create a new one, no sprite will be displayed on TileMap if I add it dynamically.

New bug !!! Sprite editing does not work.

  1. Create a new project. I create a new Sprite. And draws an X on it.
  2. I go back to the list of projects and open the project again in which I created a Sprite with the symbol X.
  3. Create a new Sprite - empty Sprite does not change it.
  4. I go back to the list of projects. I reopen a project in which I created two Sprites.
  5. Edits a second empty Sprite and creates an O symbol on it.
  6. I am going back to the list of projects. I reopen a project with 2 Sprite.
  7. I look at the graphic and I see one Sprite with an X symbol and the other empty.

Sprite cannot be re-edited. Or otherwise - you can edit a Sprite only if you just created it.

I am using the off-line version of MicroStudio. Version from 2022.08.30.

Update 2022.09.10

There are errors in Firefox (the version I use is 103 - 64 bits) When I draw in Chrome there are no errors (I am using version 103 - 64 bits)