micro 2D randerer - Sprite bug.

Code in >> https://microstudio.dev/i/Loginus/m2dtest/
By Sprite I mean the M2D class

sprite = new M2D.Sprite (...)

When I use the MicroStudio version with the PIXI engine (graphics library settings to "micro 2D"), there are errors in Sprite routing with zero or negative height parameter set.

When the Sprite height parameter is zero - Sprite is inverted. And as there was an inscription on Sprite, it will be upside down. Once the parameter is set to zero, it breaks the drawing direction forever. Re-setting a positive value does not help.

  sprite.height = 0
  sprite.height = 100

In my error example program you will see W5D instead of M2D

When the Sprite height parameter is negative - Sprite shakes, drawing probably twice. Sometimes right and then upside down. An interesting fact about drawing a Sprite with a negative value is that setting the height value several times reduces the shaking effect.

  sprite.height = -100 // shakes
  sprite.height = -100 // not shaking

Code in >>> https://microstudio.dev/i/Loginus/m2dtest/