Incredibly Annoying Textboxes

I'm getting super frustrated with the console and text boxes where I enter the project link slug, etc. because Google thinks it's a password box, or an text box to enter home addresses, and things like that, and all I want to do is just recall a simple command I already used in the console, and I can't because the Google autofill tries to cycle through the options! This should be fixed as soon as possible. I'm reaching the end of my patience with the billions of autofill pop-ups.

Have you tried it with a different browser? Or the autofill settings for yours?
Not sure if that is something that can be handled from microStudio's side.

Yeah, gilles really can't do anything. That's just google being annoying. Try using a different browser or device?

It happens to me sometimes in the console-text-field, but it usually helps to reload the page. Can't really understand what triggers it but annoying indeed.

I use firefox nightly and it never happened to me. But also I use ad blocker idk if adblock does anything for autofill.

A suggestion: autocomplete="off" for the textbox.

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