HTML5 export

I've export my project as HTML5.

Try to open it locally (tapping on index.html) and posting it on my website.

Opera, Chrome & Firefox did show blackscreen (icon & project name appears).

Inspector says:

Object { error: "Syntax Error", line: 550, column: 27, type: "compile" }
    run https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:350
    updateSource https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:571
    startReady https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:798
    checkStartReady https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:714
    s https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:619
    onload https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:4183
    (Async: EventHandlerNonNull)
    LoadSprite https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:4186
    start https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:616
    start https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:5966
    Player https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/microengine.js:5913
    <anonimous> https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/:48
    (async: EventListener.handleEvent)
    <anonimous> https://wolfdigital.ru/new/games/chests/:47

After this repeatedly appears this 2 errors:

  Firefox cant connect to wss://wolfdigital.ru/. microengine.js:6187:18
  Uncaught DOMException: An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable 2 microengine.js:6295

Try export on current & last stable (previous, downloaded it to run on linux via NPM NodeJS/cofee & stuff)

Its export issue, or I do something wrong?

This is due to this issue: https://github.com/pmgl/microstudio/issues/146

I will fix that as soon as I can when I get back to work (in 10 days, yes I know I know ;-) ).

In the meantime, you could use this workaround: instead of using the // javascript syntax, use this one:

system.javascript( """

// your JavaScript code goes here

""" )

You will lose the JS syntax highlighting, but at least your exported game should work like this.

Thanks, Gilles :) That works!

has anyone posted a game on crazygames.com.

I haven't, but it should be pretty simple https://developer.crazygames.com/

Also that's kind of off-topic, maybe it would be better to write a new post?

@JmeJuniper - defenetly, this is offtopic.

@CodingCrazy - Make new post, here is absolutley different theme.

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