Fix for problem in Quick Engine

Just a heads up for @gilles, or anyone that might be trying to use the Quick Engine library/demo right now, it currently has an issue where nothing gets drawn on the screen. It's easy to fix, though.

The issue is the code sets the type field for all its objects (sprites, maps, etc), but that field seems to be read-only. When you print it out it's always object. And so the if conditions in Quick.draw are always false and nothing ever gets drawn.

The way I fixed it on my end was just by renaming all the type fields to _type.

Thanks for the heads up! I just fixed Quick Engine to make it compatible with microScript 2.0 (that was a shame!!)

Something I overlooked with recent updates is that old projects (before fall 2021) are now defaulting to microScript 2.0 instead of microScript 1.0. I have fixed that, the fix will be pushed live on Monday.

Oh! I figured it was probably microscript updates that broke it, but it never occurred to me to see which version was being used, and to try it out with 1.0.

So that's two birds with one stone. Glad to have helped. :)

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