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Hi! I'm new to this engine and I was testing exporting features specifically to android and windows. it seems to build the project but won't download it's just stuck loading. I don't know if this is a bug or something on my end? I've tried firefox and chrome with the same result. All there is, is a loading icon on the tab. I've tried different projects too.

There is a problem at the moment, but it should be fixed soon

ahh ok thanks!

If not already done, it's always worth to join the Discord channel for more info :)

microStudio Discord Channel

Oh thanks, I didn’t know there was a discord, thank you for the info! :)

Builders download functionality was broken by our update of yesterday (the new support for binary uploads, used in project import, was actually masking another binary upload flow, the one from the builders to the main microStudio server).

This is all fixed now, builders are back to work!

Thank you Gilles :)

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