Disappearing code while dragging.

I wanted to split the code. Put some in a new file.

I created a new source file in the MicroStudio editor.

I selected the code and dragged it onto the name of the new file.

I am looking at this file to further edit the code.

There is nothing in it. Not a single line of code.

The code is gone.

Phew - it was only one function - I have it in my head.

However, if it were a whole class, I would cry a long time and very loudly.

I didn't even know you can drag the code :)

But I can confirm, the code gets lost when you try to drag it around. I am not even sure that is a supported function since the editor itself is a separate entity. Maybe stay with Copy/Paste for now? (Ctrl+C , Ctrl+V)

Live Long and Tinker

P.S. I added the issue to Github

You can drag inside the editor.

When you select a text and click on it, a small rectangle appears under the cursor.

Now, as long as you hold down the mouse button, this rectangle is visible.

When you drag the selected text over the console, it shows a sign that the text cannot be dropped here.

When you drag text over another file, the feedback is that you can drop it here.

Dragging the text outside the editor to any other place is prohibited.

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