Code not saved when back from editing sprites/maps


I change from x=0 to x=1 and wait for the check mark. I edit some sprites/maps. I go back to code and find x=0 or x= .

Did you run the program at all while waiting for the checkmark?

Also, I've found similar problems happen to me when using bad internet (which still loads websites, allows me to post on the community, etc.) except my project doesn't save at all.

It happens from time to time and apparently only after editing sprites. When I return to the code editor, I always see the right code, but when I click on the editor window, the last change is reverted. I haven't experienced that today, but quite a few times yesterday...

If has just happened again.

The page was not responding (restarting the project) and when I clicked on the code editor, the changes that I had made 10 minutes before were reverted!

Sounds bad :-/ Do you think it happens only when the page is unresponsive or does it happen in other cases as well? Do you know why it wasn't responsive btw, was it because of the console being overwhelmed (I have to do something about that) or was your code itself CPU intensive?

It only happens after editing sprites, so I wonder if the problem is doing Ctrl+Z several times in the Sprite editor...

Yes, I've just checked that doing Ctrl+Z in the sprite editor affects the code (!)

Very interesting... Good find!

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